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Become A Foster Parent

Initial Requirements for Becoming A Foster Parent

Personal Qualifications

  • Must be 25 years of age if single or 10 years older than the foster child if married
  • May be with or without children of their own
  • May be Single, Married, Same Sex, Divorced, Separated or a Widow/er
  • May rent or own their home

Pre-Service Training

Applicants must be willing and available to attend up to 60+ hours of pre-service training, including CPR/First Aid, IMPACT, Medication Administration, Handle With Care, Understanding Trauma and Discipline with Care.

Background Assessment

Must have a minimum of 5 approved references (with at least one family member)

All adults living in the home (if applicable) must undergo background checks, including fingerprinting and drug screen. Determination of results for application approval is on a case by case basis.

May be employed or not employed, but must have a source of income

Home Study Analysis

Participate in a detailed assessment of their home as required by the State of Georgia and hold a GA Driver’s License

Must have effective means of emergency contact and mode of transportation

To become a foster parent, please complete the form below or call 678-719-9677 to schedule an office visit!


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