Care4All Children Services, Inc. provides Treatment Foster Care. Children and youths served by the agency are in the custody of the State of Georgia. Treatment Foster Care, also called Therapeutic Foster Care, involves placement of children with foster families who have been specially trained to care for children with special medical or behavioral needs.


• Male and female children between the ages of birth - 21 years with behavior management needs

• Medically fragile children

• Children with specialized medical needs

• Wheel-chair dependent children

• Sibling groups

• Children with learning disabilities

• Children with a history of trauma

• Children with a history with the Juvenile Justice System

• Teen Mothers

As a treatment foster care agency, Care4all Children Services requires more training for foster parents, and provides more support for children and caregivers than regular family foster care. Treatment foster care is preferred over residential or group care because it maintains children in a family setting, which in turn decreases incidence of trauma.



Foster Care, as provided by Care4All Children Services, is the placement of children in certified therapeutic foster care homes. The agency also provides follow-up social services to ensure that the needs of the children are met.


Care4All Children Services provides several hours of training to candidates applying to become foster parents. An initial 60+ hours of training is required to qualify a candidate as a therapeutic foster parent. Once a home is licensed, therapeutic foster parents continue regular trainings of up to 24 hours a year.

In addition to these trainings, Care4All Children Services’ staff are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer questions and provide hands-on assistance and re-orientation to foster parents.


Respite is the placement of a child in a temporary status with a certified foster parent. Respite parents do not care for children as long as regular foster parents. They are trained to admit children in emergency cases. Children admitted to respite homes are transferred to more permanent placements such as a regular foster home or back to their biological relatives.




The Care4All Children Services referral program is designed to encourage foster parents to refer parents for training and certification. The incentive for referral is a gift from out executive staff this gift will be given once the individual referred has completed training, the home has been approved and the child has been placed for 30 days.