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A Note From A Previous Foster Child

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I was a foster child. I aged out after floating through more than 30 homes. I never got adopted. I saw the system in some pretty bad ways. As an adult I want to make sure everyone knows that here in the USA foster children are not okay. There is a misconception that, since we live in this country, surely the government takes care of their youth. This is not entirely true. We as people need to take a stand to protect them. We are their only hope.

If you are thinking of becoming a foster parent do your homework and don’t just do it so you can say you did it. It is hard work. We likely will not be well behaved. We are a work in progress…FOREVER!

We will test you. We will push your buttons. Foster children are just that: CHILDREN. They are not perfect, and they will almost always have more behavior issues than a child who grows up in a stable environment. With the right foster parent though, a foster child can heal. They can be complete. They can thrive and sometimes even excel past what was ever thought they could.

Foster parenting is NOT for everyone. It takes time, love, dedication, space in your home, a good income (because the little money you are given is NEVER enough), and endless patience! If you have those things to give, please look into becoming a foster parent.

~A previous Foster Child

Author: care4all